TQT: Competitive Advantage

TQT: Competitive Advantage

Today's quick thought is about competitive advantage.

Every business owner is looking for a competitive advantage. Some slash prices through innovation or technology (or out of spite) to draw customers, others work on developing a newer or better product. 

The smartest companies know that their biggest competitive advantage is the people who work for them. 

This is not pop-psychology or 'feel-goodery.' The people who you hire in all levels of your business are absolutely crucial. They impact every part of it: the product, through production, R&D; the market, through sales and marketing; the customer, through marketing, PR, and customer service. 

But you know this, because you're reading our blog and we talk about that all the time. 

Since you recognize that employees are your advantage over other competitors, you should hire and manage them like the best companies do. And that is what we provide to our clients.

Our products and processes are used in over 100,000 companies all over the world, including places like 3M, American Express, Charles Schwab, Coca-Cola, GE, IBM, Marriott, Nabisco, Nissan, Stanford University, TVA, Wells Fargo, Xerox, and the YMCA. 

Combine that with our 40+ years of experience working with HR leaders and executives and you've got a very powerful competitive advantage. 

Our solutions provide real, tangible ROI - more money in your business, better alignment, more productive employees. If you don't believe me, take a look at what our clients say. 

We provide solutions you need for your company. 

Contact us today. That's your Tuesday quick thought. See you next week.