TQT: End of Year Review

TQT: End of Year Review
Today's Quick Thought is about compliance.
More accurately, it's about taking stock of your HR processes and procedures. Most companies are getting to the end of their fiscal year, and a large part of that process is some kind of annual review.
So we have seen an increased desire from our clients to take a look at their HR function and make sure it is doing everything it should. It's an end of the year physical for a crucial part of your organization.
We like to help our clients do a check-up through with an HR audit, and we highly recommend you do this for your company as well. Not only does an audit document your compliance, processes, and procedures, it allows you to analyze what is happening 'on the ground' and make sure it is the best way forward.
We normally look at the 3 major areas of HR: recruiting and interviewing, hiring and on-boarding, and generalist policies and procedures. Each of these areas needs to be looked at, because they all work together to ensure you are making the most of your human capital. 
Audits are very cost effective and allow you to gather insight about best practices in each area that you can work to implement. 
Connect with us today to schedule an audit. They are quick and painless, and a great addition to your year end review.