TQT: Hiring a Winner

TQT: Hiring a Winner

Sorry for the hiatus. We’re posting regularly throughout 2018 after a busy end to last year. Hopefully our archive kept you company. Thanks for reading.

Today’s quick thought is about hiring.

I heard a quote recently that I really like: ‘A resume is not data. It is creative writing.’

I think the first class I took on ‘How to write a resume’ was when I was in high school, maybe 10th grade. I took at least two in college. Just google ‘how to write a resume’ and you’ll get a million different companies who will write your resume for you and then post it.

So what is the first thing companies do when they start hiring...that’s right, start looking for resumes--a stone age process in a modern economy.

If social media has taught us anything at all, it’s that you should definitely not always trust what people say about themselves!

If you’re using resumes as a main part of your hiring strategy, that will not serve you well (FYI, a resume should make up <20% ‘weight’ of your hiring process).

You’re not going to be able to get the talent you need for your company by looking at resumes. They’re people’s wedding photos, a highlight reel.

If you’re going to work at my company, I want to know how you respond under stress...when times are tough and the sales aren’t coming in...under pressure... how you’re going to behave and interact with my other employees. And then I need to measure that and use it to make an informed decision.

That’s using data for your hiring process, and it works like a charm. How does improving your hiring predictability from 12% to 85% sound? How about hiring the right person the very first time?

If you are interested in the people analytics approach to hiring, you’re someone who thinks strategically about your hiring, and just the kind of person we love to work with. So contact us, and learn how to use data, not creative writing, to take your business to the next level.