TQT: The Hiring Process

TQT: The Hiring Process
Today's quick thought is about the hiring process.
I hear this question regularly: what are the elements of a successful hiring process?
Here are the key elements to a hiring process that will help you select the right candidate the first time:
  • Identify the Key Accountabilities of the Job
  • Create a Job Benchmark
  • Assess Candidate(s) - we prefer at least behaviors and motivators
  • Utilize a Gap Analysis to match Candidate with Benchmark
  • Use a 'Behavioral Based Interview' format to confirm data from Gap Analysis, Assessments, and Benchmark
  • Select the Candidate who best matches the job.
These are the best practices of the top companies. Only you can determine how much selecting the right person is worth to you and your company, but it is our experience that hiring the candidate that best fits the job the first time will save you both time and money.
Have a question about one of the points above or the hiring process in general? Get in touch with us - we love helping our clients get the right people on their team.